27th NSW Stem Cell Network Workshop
Stem Cells and Diabetes Therapies

9:00 am

Registration opens/Light refreshment

9:30 am

Prof Bernie Tuch - (NSW Stem Cell Network)

Session 1

Developmental Biology
Chair: TBC

9:35 am

Dr Jacqui Schiesser (Murdoch Children’s Research Institute)
Topic: Creation of immature Beta Cells from human pluripotent stem cells

10:00 am

Dr Kfir Molakandov (Kadimastem Ltd, Israel)
Topic: Creation of mature Beta Cells from human pluripotent stem cells.

Session 2

Function of Beta Cells
Chair: Prof. Tom Kay (St Vincent’s Institute of Medical Research) TBC

11:00 pm

Prof. Doug Melton (Harvard Stem Cell Institute)
Topic: Function in vivo of matured human Beta Cells derived from pluripotent stem cells

11:30 pm

Dr Eugene Brandon (ViaCyte Inc)
Topic: Outcome of human trials with Beta Cell progenitors in bio-engineered devices.

12:00 pm

Prof. Allan Karlsen (Novo Nordisk)
Topic: Safety of using stem cell derived Beta Cells.

12:30 pm

Lunch session

Session 3

Immunoisolation Device for Delivery
Chair: Associate Prof. Tim Dargaville (Queensland University or Technology)

1:30 pm

Prof. Bernie Tuch (Australian Foundation for Diabetes Research)
Topic: Micro encapsulation of Beta Cells inside 3D Scaffold

1:55 pm

Prof. Patrick (Toby) Coates (The University of Adelaide)
Topic: 3D printing of islet cells.

2:20 pm

Dr Tom Loudovaris (St Vincent’s Hospital, Melbourne)
Topic: Macro encapsulation of Beta Cells.

2:45 pm

Afternoon Tea

Session 4

Panel Discussion
Chair: Prof. Toby Coates (University of Adelaide)

3:20 pm

All previous speakers
Topic: Cell Therapy for the masses without Immunosuppression

4:00 pm


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