Stem Cell Therapies
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International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR)

This is a resource for both prospective patients and clinicians that provides information to help you evaluate stem cell treatment claims.

The National Stem Cell foundation of Australia

The foundation provides 8 fact sheets covering stem cell science and related topics. users should note that they are no longer being updated and be aware that the content in them may be out of date.

Stem Cell Foundation: Fact Sheets

Stem Cell Resources

The organisation provides resources for better understanding of stem cell research and its impact on medical and dental advancement, breakthroughs in understanding fertility, muscle and organ development.

International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR)

An extensive site providing both basic information, and more complex material prepared by scientists working on the cutting edge all over the world. Includes a both a multimedia and ethics section.

ISSCR - Public

Nature Reports: Stem Cells

An accessible series of articles addressing the most frequently asked questions about the science, ethics and government policies of stem cells.

Stem Cells at the National Academies

The US National Academy of Sciences stem cell page examines the potential of stem cell technologies and provides a forum for discussingthe ethical implications of stem cell research. The booklet Understanding Stem Cells can be downloaded from here free.

Stem Cell Therapy: the Hope and the Hype.

Stem Cell Channel

Aimed at high school students and teachers, this educational website not only includes wide range of entertaining educational materials, such as video interviews, animations and mini-documentaries; but students are able to submit questions to some of Victoria's leading stem cell researchers.


Biotechnology Online: Stem Cells

This online resource is an Australian Government initiative which has been designed to fit in with the Australian State and Territory science curriculums. There is also cross-over material discussing the broader social issues which fits in with Studies of Science and the Environment.

TechNyou: stem cells

Genetic Science Learning Centre: Stem Cells in the Spotlight

A comprehensive and entertaining stem cell site for primary and secondary school students. Has a variety of animations demonstrating stem cell processes, the goals of stem cell research, as well as a discussion of the relevant ethical issues.

University of Utah: Learn.Genetics




































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